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Stephan Lichtsteiner Footballer

Stephan Lichtsteiner Footballer

Do you belong to the rural area of Switzerland? The village, where there are cows all around. If you want to play football there, you will find more cows than boys to hit the ball. But how will you play football in that village setting? You are an ambitious footballer and want to excel in the sport. Stephan Lichtsteiner was facing the same situation. He was enthusiastic, but there was no place to play football. His father came to help him and found a football club FC Adligenswil. The young Stephan Lichtsteiner started playing football there. Then FC Luzern felt he was a talented player, so he joined their football academy. He spent four years there.

Grasshopper Club

Now he joined Grasshopper Club Zurich. Here he found his hidden abilities and thought about making a career as a professional footballer. His farmer couch also thought so and gave him his senior debut. The pair won the Swiss super league and celebrated it in 2002-3. It was the first trophy grabbed by Stephan Lichtsteiner. After this victory, the door of further victories opened. He had the most decorated career.

In Italy

After his first victory, he came to Italy. He had three seasons with Lille, and then he relocated to Lazio. He won Coppa Italia and Italian Suppercoppa in 2011. Then he joined Juventus.  He won every season of 7 season matches in Turin. He gained further for Coppa Italias and also played UEFA champions league final.

These victories made him earn the award of Switzerland’s footballer of the year in 2015. He helped nati to qualify for EURO 2016; he was captain of his team there. He remained captain of his country football team till March 2019.

Lichtsteiner is considered to be the most successful Swiss footballer at the club level. The second successful player is Shaqiri. He won 17 trophies. He had a lot of other distinctions too.

What others say about him

Arsenal manager Unai Emery says

“Stephan brings huge experience and leadership to our squad. He’s a player with great quality with a very positive and determined attitude. Stephan will improve us on and off the pitch.”

Marcel Koller, current coach of FC Basel and Lichtsteiner coach at Grasshoppers, gives remarks about Lichtsteiner

“He’s a hardworking player with enormous ability.” “He’s got an unbelievable wealth of experience thanks to his impressive career in Switzerland, France, Italy, and England and the Swiss national team. He’ll put that to good use in our team, in addition to his footballing qualities.”


He is a dynamic and hardworking player. He is a consistent and versatile defender of his team. If he has a right flank, he is capable of playing everywhere. He is known for being reliable defensively. He is criticized for lacking composure under pressure. He gets rash and aggressive in demand.

In short, he is an excellent asset to the football world. He is admired and praised for his skills. Opponent teams never underestimate him. He is a legend.

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